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Zoo Trip 2022

St Louis Zoo image

May 22, 2022

12:00pm – 5:00pm

Location: 1 Government Drive, St. Loius, MO 63110

Category: Youth Group | Coordinator: Josh McDowell
Date of event: Saturday, May 22
Time of event: 12pm-5pm
Cost of the event: Admittance into the park is free. Food & shows will cost extra (see below).
You must make reservations for your family. Go here to find out more about reservations:
The process is very easy. When you arrive at the zoo, they will scan a QR code that you can show on your phone provided by the reservation you made. I would suggest you go ahead & make the reservation just in case. They can only allow so many people in the park at one time & if you have a reservation you are guaranteed entry.
What if the weather is going to be bad? There are actually quite a few places that are indoors to go see different animals & exhibits. We can still go if the weather is a little rainy, but we would need to bring umbrellas, of course. We can be looking out for the weather & we can make some adjustments if need be to the schedule. If it looks like it just won't be a good day to go then we can reschedule a zoo trip.
There are paid parking spots (North & South) near the entrance of the zoo or there are free spots within the Forest Park area (which will require more walking to get to the zoo). The paid parking spots are monitored so keep that in mind. The area is somewhat known to have people breaking into cars, so make sure that you don't leave a whole bunch of valuable things lying around in the vehicle for people to see & try to break in. I usually try to go to the South Parking lot.
Meeting Up
There is a large area right after you enter the zoo (at the South Parking Lot entrance) where we can meet at. There is a giant pond right behind it that we can look around if we need to wait on anyone who might be arriving a tad late. After we have met up & grabbed our maps (there is a map you can get on your phone if you like) we can decide which way we wish to go. I would prefer we all stay together as one group as best as we can. All of the students need to be accompanied by an adult.
Food options are going to be available throughout the park. If you would rather bring food with you in a cooler or picnic basket, that is permitted, but you will need to keep up with it the entire time if you bring it into the zoo. You are more than welcome to keep it in your vehicle & go retrieve it when we decide to eat. I could not find anything against backpacks which would also be a good way to go if you prefer. They might check them upon entrance though. Everyone does get hungry at various times yet more than likely we will all eat around the same time. If you would rather just buy some food at the zoo, then check out this link which also does show some prices for various places to eat along with allergy-sensitive solutions:
Extra Cost
There are a number of sideshows that money can be spent on. Here is the list to see what is available (scroll down to "Plan Your Visit"):
I'll make my suggestions but you do not have to do any of these. I recommend seeing the Stingrays at Caribbean Cove ($4) & the Sea Lion Show ($4). I haven't gone through Dinoroarus ($6) but I am curious about it. If you add those up, that comes to $14. The adventure pass is $15 which includes those 3 plus the Conservation Carousel ($3), the 4D Theater ($5), & the Zooline Railroad ($8). It makes sense to me to just get the Adventure Pass but that needs to be purchased for each person. These Passes can be purchased right after you enter the zoo. I want to see everyone get a good experience so if you need any financial assistance, let me know.

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