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Heard From God Lately?

April 25, 2021 Speaker: Darren McCormick Series: John: The Gospel Of Belief

Topic: The Gospel Of John Passage: John 8:1–8:11

John 8:1-11

Some people do not believe these verses are true to Scripture due to some manuscripts not having this section.

There are 2 main criteria for passages to be included in the New Testament are:

  1. Was it written by an apostle?
  2. Was it viewed as Scripture by the early church?

Please note that during the leaders of the Law's attempt to trap Jesus, they did not use the correct methods that they clearly should have abided by. The Law never stated the method, only that those caught were to be executed. The Law also included both parties, yet they only brought the woman.

Things to be considered as Jesus wrote on the ground:

  1. It wasn't permanent
  2. He was avoiding the worship of His words as a material object.
  3. We do not know what was written, yet there are many ideas speculated about what it could have been.
  4. There is a comparison to God's finger writing the Law & Jesus writing with His finger on the ground.

God wants to speak to each of us personally & powerfully through this story.

Jesus did not condemn the woman but He did not condone her sin.

Jesus looks to us to do the same with others.

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