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Jesus Teaches on the Holy Spirit

June 27, 2021 Speaker: Darren McCormick Series: John: The Gospel Of Belief

Topic: The Gospel Of John Passage: John 14:15–15:27, Acts 8:20–8:23, John 16:7–16:14

The Holy Spirit is a  relationship dependant gift from God.
     1. The Holy Spirit cannot be bought.
     2. God does not give the Holy Spirit to everyone.
               - God does not give equal value gifts to everyone.

Jesus stated the Holy Spirit was just like Him.
     - Jesus told His disciples that He was leaving.
               - ...but not empty handed...
                        - ...the Holy Spirit would take His place.
     - Jesus' words implicated the Spirit was of the same "kind" as Him.

Jesus taught that the Spirit is just like Him but better.
     - The Spirit is better because of presence.
               - Jesus was with them, but the Spirit could be in them.
     1. The Holy Spirit can be with someone but not in them.
     2. The Holy Spirit is given in baptism.

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