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Truth On Trial

August 15, 2021 Speaker: Darren McCormick Series: John: The Gospel Of Belief

Topic: The Gospel Of John Scripture: John 18:28–19:16

John 18:28-40

The Jewish leaders are trying to get the Romans to _____ Jesus.
---They didn't want the _____ coming after them if they killed Him.
---They didn't want to be ceremonial _____.
------They still wanted to participate in the _____.
---Did they want to worship God? _____
------Their _____ were not in the right place.

Pilate asked for specific _____ of why they turned Jesus in.
---Pilate turned Jesus back to the _____ to take care of the situation.
---The Jews stated they were unable to _____ anyone.

During their conversation, Pilate questioned what _____ was.
---Our _____ is confused about truth today.
---Jesus stated He came to _____ to the truth.
------Jesus also stated that everyone on the side of _____ listened to Him.
---------Pilate questioned what _____ was but did not answer the question nor stuck around to hear an answer from Jesus.

Pilate tried to put the _____ back on the Jews.
---The Jews chose to _____ a murderer over Jesus.

John 19:1-16

Jesus was _____.
---Whipped by 2 _____ that had skin tearing material on the ends of the whip.
---Stripped _____.
---Jesus was _____ afterward.
---A _____ crown & purple cloth was placed on Him to make fun of Him being known as a king.

Pilate still found no _____ in Jesus & tried to pass Him back to the Jews.
---The Jews requested that Pilate _____ Jesus.
---Pilate asked Jesus where He came from.
------Jesus was _____, yet Pilate persisted.
---------Jesus spoke of His _____.
---Pilate once again tried to let Jesus _____.
------The Jews claimed that only Caesar was their _____.
---------They _____ Jesus as their king even though Pilate still regarded Him as the king of the Jews.
---Pilate caved in & sent for Jesus to be _____.

1. We need to accept the _____ about ourselves, our sinfulness, & our need for Christ (a Savior).

2. We need to grow in _____ of the truth (God's Word).

3. We need to _____ truth with others.

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