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Fickle, Faithless, Or Faithful?

April 10, 2022 Speaker: Darren McCormick Series: Easter 2022

Topic: Easter Scripture: Matthew 21:1– 11:11

Matthew 21:1-11
-Jesus did not proclaim to be a king at this time.
-Jesus did know that He was the Messiah.
---Jesus did choose this day to announce & confirm He was the Messiah.
-The cloak & palm leaf spreading was an acknowledgment from the crowd that Jesus was a king or some high position that brought peace & victory.
-Jesus rode into Jerusalem during a holiday...The Passover.
---To the Jews, the Passover is the ultimate celebration.
-Hosanna means "save us" or "deliver us".
---This was shouted by the crowd.
------They greeted Jesus as if He were a gift from God.
---------About a week later, no one wanted to help Jesus on the way to the cross as the crowds were swayed by the leaders of the law.
-Many people thought the Messiah was coming to save the Jews from Roman authority.

1. We need to receive Jesus as our King & live in His authority over our lives daily.

-Many of us don't like this message.
-Can any of us who praise Jesus this Sunday believe that we would profane His name the following Friday?
---This is exactly what would happen following the 1st "Palm Sunday".
-We must surrender to His Lordship.

2. We need to remember that Jesus will be making a 2nd triumphal entry.

-This one will be a worldwide event.
-This one will show that the hosts of Heaven will join Him.
-This one will lead into a final judgment day.

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