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God Still Speaks - Amos - A Formula Shortage & A Faith Famine

May 15, 2022 Speaker: Darren McCormick Series: God Still Speaks

Topic: Minor Prophets Scripture: Amos 1:1– 9:15

  • Amos talked about a shortage...much like what we are experiencing in today's time.
  • Verse 2 is a key verse to the entire book.
    • God was still active.
  • Amos focused on the punishments toward different areas because of their sin.
    • Amos also highlights Judah & Israel.
      • This took God's chosen people by surprise as they thought they were more special than the surrounding areas.
        • They had stopped listening to God.
          • Chapter 4 highlights "You have not returned to Me!", while chapter 3 keeps stating, "Hear this Word!"
  • Chapter 8 focuses on ripe fruit that will rot.
    • The fruit symbolized Israel.
  • God's Word & words are not found in people's opinions.
    • They are only found in the Bible.
      • People keep searching in all the wrong places.
  • We have a huge faith famine in our country that is preventable.
    • We need to be God's Word daily.