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Get Out Of The Boat

August 7, 2022

Topic: Trust Scripture: Matthew 14:22–33

Matthew 14:22-33

This passage should bring some conviction to us.

Jesus replenished Himself by spending time in prayer after He was with a crowd.
---Jesus sent the disciples on ahead of Him via boat passage.

Jesus, the Creator of the world, is able to do supernatural walk on water.
---Peter asked for Jesus to allow him to do something supernatural.
------Jesus allowed it.
---Peter lost focus on Jesus.
------The hardest challenge in life is to constantly focus on Jesus.

The disciples who stayed back in the boat thought the boat in the storm was safer than getting closer to Jesus.
---Our house feels safe in the middle of a storm.

We need to get out of the boat that we feel safe & content in.
---There are many boats we can sit in that we don't want to get out from.
------Fear, pride, health, career, finance, comfort, unforgiveness, selfishness, immorality, argumentation, apathy...the list goes on.

Many times we struggle in our own Christianity because we try to do it on our own.
---We need to get out of the boat & live through Jesus.