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Can't See The People For The Trees

August 21, 2022 Speaker: Darren McCormick

Scripture: Mark 8:22–25, John 9:0–11, Acts 3:0–10

Mark 8:22-25
---The man wasn't always blind.
---This miracle received a second touch from Jesus.
------It is possible that Jesus was trying to teach His disciples to see others the way Jesus sees them.

John 9:1-11
---Jesus noticed (He saw) the blind man.
---The disciples positioned themselves for a debate.
------They didn't ask to serve or for Jesus to heal.
---------Their hearts needed another touch from Jesus.
---Jesus took action.
---Jesus wants us to be people of action.
------Verse 4 - Pay attention to "we".

Acts 3:1-10
---Peter & John deeply looked at the lame man.
---The lame man didn't want to just be seen as a lame man.