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Our Student Ministry Snapshot. What you see here is also found in our weekly church bulletin. The Youth Truth lists the next few upcoming events, how to get involved in supporting the student ministry, & a good clean joke to pass on to the next person you meet.


November 20: Today, we will not have our regular SURGE, but we will be meeting together to enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner with the rest of the church congregation. Come hungry & enjoy all the different types of food as we celebrate giving thanks.

Upcoming Events: 
~November 20 (5-?): Congregational Thanksgiving Dinner
~December 3: Parents’ Night Out
~December 4: SURGE Cookies!!!
~December 10: Lights At The Shrine

For further information regarding these events, please check out the website at

Joke of the Day (The Mean one: Get thee Behind Me): A little boy always went next door to play even though his mom had warned him against doing so. This worried his mom so badly that she asked him why he was so disobedient. He replied that Satan tempted him so badly and he did not know what to do. His mom then advised him to say 'get behind me Satan' whenever he was tempted. She then built a fence around the house. This worked for a week, then one sunny afternoon his mom looked out the window and there was her son playing on the neighbor’s lawn having cut a hole in the fence. "Jeremiah", she yelled, "come here!" She then said, "did I not tell you to say 'get behind me Satan' whenever he tempted you?" "Yes", the boy replied, "I said, 'get behind me Satan', then he went behind me and pushed me through the hole in the fence."