Join us for Sunday Morning Small Groups - 9:15AM ~ Worship - 10:30AM

Our Student Ministry Snapshot. What you see here is also found in our weekly church bulletin. The Youth Truth lists what study we are currently learning from, the next few upcoming events, how to get involved in supporting the student ministry, & a good clean joke to pass on to the next person you meet.

Sunday SURGE 3-6 PM: Study - Answers: Dragons: Were They Real? (Part 3)
Group Experiment: Sugar Crystal Lollipops
Individual Challenge: VacuuM&M’s

Upcoming Events: 


  • January 16: SURGE (3-6) / Drama Team Practice (6-7)
  • January 23: SURGE (3-6)
  • January 28: Fri-Tie-Dye-Day (6-8:30)
  • January 30: SURGE (3-6)
  • February 6: SURGE (3-6) / Drama Team Practice (6-7)
  • February 13: SURGE (3-6)
  • February 19: Classic Car Museum (12-3)

Items To Donate: Please see the Donate list at the Student Ministry Bulletin Board (near the youth room). The immediate items needed by January 20 are: masking tape, several bags of popsicle sticks, 1 Large Box of Fruit Loops (off-brand is fine), 1 bag of pipe cleaners

Joke of the Day (Mistakes: Birthday Gift): A man in his late 20s fell in love with a beautiful lady who had a birthday coming up in just a few days. The man decided to go to his pastor for some advice on what to get her. The pastor said, “Get her one rose for every year of her life. Go to the florist on the corner of Main & 7th Street. The florist is a dear friend of mine, so treat him well.” The man went right away to the florist & was as nice as he could be since he respected the wise pastor. He added a card that read, “One beautiful rose for every beautiful year of your life.” The florist made sure of what day to deliver them on but decided that since the man was such a nice respectful customer, he put in an extra dozen roses in the bouquet. The lady’s birthday came & went but the man never could figure out what made the lady so angry with him.