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The Arrest of Jesus

July 25, 2021 Speaker: Darren McCormick Series: John: The Gospel Of Belief

Topic: The Gospel Of John Scripture: John 18:1–18:27

Jesus was in total control of the situation during His arrest.

Jesus had total knowledge of these events.
---The Holy Spirit kept Jesus informed of certain things.

Malchus had his ear cut off & Jesus restored it in another account.
---Malchus was an eyewitness to the power that Jesus had.
---Malchus was able to have an impact on the truth of this night to others that he encountered.
---Sometimes God uses bad situations to show His glory.
------Sometimes our afflictions have a purpose for God.

There is a relation to the response of Jesus in verses 5 & 8 with the response of God to Moses when Moses asked God's name.

With all the soldiers & guards present, none could really take Jesus.
---Jesus allowed it to happen.
---The soldiers fell down just at the response of Jesus.
------There is power in God's Word.
------It is the same voice that created the universe.

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