Join us for Sunday Morning Small Groups - 9:15AM ~ Worship - 10:30AM

Adult Studies 1

Sunday Morning - 9:15 AM - Room #3

Join Jacob Blanton as he is going through a Right Now Media study led by Francis Chan over the Book of James. This class meets in Pastor Darren's office.


Adult Studies 2

Sunday Morning - 9:15 AM - Room #19

Greg Zelinske teaches this adult class from Christian Standard Lessons.


Youth Sunday Study

Sunday Morning - 9:15 AM - Room #4

Join Josh as he leads through "Dream Big" by Jennie Allen. This Right Now Media video study tackles one of life's hardest questions when we are young - What do you want to be when you grow up? Life gets complicated for teens, especially when faced with drama, discontentment, sadness, & shame. This study encourages teens to throw off everything that holds them back & be energized by God's dreams for them. We will also journey through the big & small ways we can use our unique gifts, spending time with God, & having fun giving His love away. Dreaming big isn't for "some day". Dreaming big starts now. When teens are secure in who Christ made them, they will grow in confidence, create community, & accomplish great things. Join us in the Youth Room on Sunday Mornings!

 Check out this 2-minute video of our study through Dream Big:


Children's Church

Sunday Morning - 9:15 AM - Rooms #20 & 21

The Book of John is the study of choice for teaching more about Jesus to our younger generation. Elaine, Lori, Bonnie, Shannon, & Stephanie are our teachers for these classes that use video lessons, fun upbeat kid-friendly worship songs, activities related to each lesson, & high-energy playtime. Each child needs to be signed in at our check-in desk before entering the classroom. Children are split up into 2 separate classes: 3's - Kindergarten & 1st - 5th grade


Zoom Bible Study (Online)

Wednesday Evening - 7:00 PM

Join Darren as he is going through the Book of Second Peter by Kyle Idleman. You can find more at this link.