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God Still Speaks - Hosea - Redeeming Love

April 24, 2022 Speaker: Darren McCormick Series: God Still Speaks

Topic: Minor Prophets Scripture: Hosea 1:1– 14:9

God's Love is on display in the book of Hosea.

God told Hosea to marry a promiscuous woman & to have children to show what the people of Israel have been like.
---Hosea 1:1-3
------We will never know what went through Gomer's mind.

3 children came from this relationship.
---God gives Hosea the name of the children because of how Israel has treated God.
---Hosea 1:4-11
------Jezreel means "scattered".
------Lo-Ruhamah means "not loved".
------Lo-Ammi means "not my people".

Gomer leaves Hosea.
---We are not sure why but we do know that she went back to her adulterous lifestyle.
---Rejection & betrayal are part of this instance.
---God tells Hosea to get his wife back.
------God wanted to show how much He loved Israel.
---Hosea 3:1-2
------Things got bad for Gomer for she was somehow found in slavery.
---------Hosea bought his wife back.
------We don't know the rest of the relationship.

We don't always get the results we hope for.

This also shows how we shouldn't be unequally yoked in relationships.

Sinful ways don't deliver life.

2 Big Lessons From Hosea

1. God sees sin much worse than we do.

2. God has an incredible love for us in spite of our sinfulness.