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God Speaks Through Motherhood

May 8, 2022 Speaker: Darren McCormick

Topic: Mother's Day

If moms were paid what they work they would earn over $185,000 per year.

3 Aspects Motherhood Reveals To Us

1. When moms are at their best, they reflect the character of God.

* Many people understand different qualities of God because of their moms.
* Jesus desired to gather people together like a mother hen.

2. When moms are at their worst, they remind us that we need God.

* No mother is perfect.
* Moms might struggle but they don't really want bad actions to come out from them.
* Romans 7:15-24
** We all will struggle along the way.
*** For us to win the battle we need God's help.
**** Romans 7:25

3. When moms finish life with faith, God fulfills His promise by completing the transforming work in them & then welcomes them in Heaven.

* Jesus died for all of our moms' flaws.
* Philippians 1:6, 1 John 3:2
* The old has gone, the new has come.