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The Resurrection Matters!

April 9, 2023 Speaker: Darren McCormick

Topic: Easter Scripture: 1 Corinthians 15:1–20

The Resurrection Matters!

Easter Sunday Message  April 9, 2023

Important questions to ask concerning Jesus’ resurrection:

  1. Did it really ____________________?
  2. Does it really      ____________________?


GETTING ON THE SAME PAGE—- When we talk about Jesus’ resurrection…

*We are not talking about the idea that the  _______________ or the __________________ of Jesus lives on. 

*We are not talking about Jesus being _______________________________

*We are talking about Jesus dying, His being dead and   buried and then His coming _________ to __________            _______________ to die ________________.


How the resurrection matters to us right now:

  1. It matters to us in terms of our ____________ because we have ______________ and are in need of ______________________.
  1. It matters to us because it assures us that God _______________________ us to live the kind of life that pleases Him.

“The resurrection of Jesus proves for us the power of God to bring about ___________________ _______________.”

  1. The resurrection of Jesus matters right now because it assures followers of Jesus that they will enjoy ________________ ___________ with God in heaven.

Closing comment:  The resurrection of Jesus proves ______ is who ______ says ______ is and He _________ ________ anything He says He __________ __________.