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Love Is...A Different Kind Of Love

February 20, 2022 Speaker: Darren McCormick Series: Love Is...

Topic: Love Scripture: 1 Corinthians 13:4

Many of us have pet peeves...things that bother us more than they might bother others.

1 Corinthians 13:4

- So simple yet so profound.
1. Paul used an _____ Greek word for love to help 1st-century readers of his letter understand he was writing about a _____ _____ of love.
- Paul is using his writing for correction.
- Paul was promoting for people to love as Jesus loved.

2. The common words for love were:
PHILEO (25 times) - emotional care, friendship, family
EROS (0 times) - desire, physical pleasures, ecstasy
STORGE (3 times) - loving other members of the family
- Paul & other New Testament writers use the word: AGAPE

3. Agape love is _____.
- A better translation would be love is _____ _____.
--- This carries on the idea of _____ action.
--- Paul is writing about being patient with _____.
- Impatience drives wedges between people...loving patience brings people closer together.

4. Agape love is _____.
- Our being kind involves more than our _____ things to go well for others, our being kind will have us _____ to make things go well for others.

Darren's hope is that people find this church body of believers to be both patient & kind.

Challenge: Go back & read 1 Corinthians 13 & insert the name "Jesus" where the word "love" is found.

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